Probation Violation Bail Bonds

Probation Violation

Failure to Keep an Appointment with Your Supervision Officer Can Lead to a Probation Violation.

Probation in California represents an opportunity for those accused of a crime to maintain their freedom. Offered for both misdemeanors and felonies, a judge can order probation as an addendum to a jail sentence, or as a full replacement for incarceration. The amount of time spent on probation will vary according to the charge, as will the requirements for successful completion. If a probationer fails to meet any of his or her stipulations, it could result in a probation violation. At FINELINE Bail Bonds, we provide bail bonds for clients arrested for probation violations.

Once you commit a violation, you can expect arrest from your probation officer or any other police officer. They do not need a warrant for this, and the arrest will end with an appearance before a judge. If the violation stems from a missed appointment, the judge may then issue an arrest warrant. Regardless of how it occurs, you will appear before a judge who will set the date for your probation violation hearing. As for bail, California law forbids bail for a probationer charged with a felony. If you committed a misdemeanor, FINELINE Bail Bonds can serve as your expert source for jail release.

Causes of a Probation Violation

Probation Violation

For Some, a Positive Test for Alcohol Counts as a Violation.

At the violation hearing, your judge will assess your situation and stipulate punishment. Penalties for violations can vary widely, from none at all, to the complete revocation of probation and commitment to jail. It all depends on a defendant’s criminal record and the quality of their prior performance on probation. The nature of the violation itself also factors into judgement. While there are many ways to violate probation, the most common appear below.

Failure to Submit to or Pass a Drug Test: If your probation requirements involve drug tests, refusal to submit or pass one counts as a frequent cause of violation. If you were convicted of a DUI offense, the tests will also search for alcohol.

Failure to Pay Fees or Fines: All probationers will have some variety of attached fines and fees. Probation itself will charge a monthly fee, and you may also have to pay for drug tests. If your crime damaged someone’s property or person, you will have to pay restitution. Regardless of the nature of the fees, failure to pay can result in a probation violation.

Failure to Appear: While on probation, you will have regularly scheduled appointments with your probation officer. You may also have court hearings, or stipulations that you attend AA or similar groups. If you do not keep your appointments for these, or any scheduled appearance related to probation, your officer can take you into custody for a violation.

Your Local Bail Bond Resource

If you had your bail set for a probation violation in Oxnard, CA, contact our team right away to arrange for your jail release. If you do not post bail, it’s not uncommon to wait four to six months before the formal hearing. With help from FINELINE Bail Bonds, you can enjoy your freedom throughout that period. To learn more or begin the jail release process, call (805) 486-8466 today.