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Felony Bond

A Felony Charge Is a Serious Matter. Jail Release with a Felony Bond Can Still Occur, However.

A felony charge is a major issue with a lasting impact. Unless the accused achieves total exoneration, he or she can expect consequences that include imprisonment in a state facility, hefty fines, the permanent inability to own a firearm, and the lasting presence of the felony on their criminal record. The team at FINELINE Bail Bonds understands the stress and personal anguish a felony arrest can engender. Because of this, and to enable our clients to better prepare their criminal defense, we offer fast service for a felony bond at Oxnard, CA area jails.

We know that felony defendants have a lot on their plates, so we strive to make the bail bond process as smooth as possible. Once the judge establishes your bail, you can expect our team to achieve release in as little as a half-hour. Since felony cases can drag on for months or years, a defendant should absolutely take advantage of our services. To learn more about felony bonds, or to request our assistance, call (805) 486-8466 today.

Types of Charges for a Felony Bond

Felony Bond

White Collar Crimes Like Fraud and Embezzlement Count as Felonies.

Unlike most other states, California defines explicit punishments for a great host of crimes. Typically, a state will categorize a felony into a class, from third to first degree, for which there exists a range of punishment options. California allows less discretion on the part of judges to define sentences, and instead gives them options between established standards. A huge range of punishment exists for felonies, from one year in jail, to life imprisonment or the death sentence. Common charges classified as felonies fall into a few different categories.

Violent Crimes: Many different crimes of violence are either always felonies, or “wobblers”, a term for crimes charged either as felonies or misdemeanors. Violent felonies include obvious crimes like murder and rape, along with lesser known offenses like threats to a witness and assault of a public official.

Drug Crimes: Generally speaking, any drug charge other than possession counts as a felony. These include sale of a controlled substance, along with the manufacture or transport of controlled substances.

Property Crimes: Some property crimes also rank as felonies. Grand theft, embezzlement, and fraud are included, along with the knowing receipt of stolen property.

A DUI is a wobbler not easily categorized. Typically, the first through third offenses get charged as misdemeanors, with additional DUIs considered felonies. However, the particular circumstances of a DUI, such as the injury of another person, can elevate even a first offense to a felony.

The Team You Can Trust

At FINELINE Bail Bonds, we do not shy away from bonds for felonies. Our experienced team knows what to expect for these charges, and is ready to help our clientele achieve jail release. If you or someone you know ever needs a felony bond in Oxnard, CA, contact our team right away at (805) 486-8466.