Cash Only Bail Bonds

Cash Bail Bond

A Cash Bail Bond Requires the Defendant to Pay the Full Bail Amount, in Cash, to the Court.

Two types of bail bonds exist for the release of a defendant: the surety bail bond, and the cash bail bond. Any bond for jail release represents an agreement between a set number of parties. The most common type of bond, the surety bond, involves three parties. The first, the court, allows the release of the second party, the defendant, from custody on the assurance that the third party, the bail bondsman, accepts responsibility for the full bail amount if the defendant flees. Surety bonds require the payment of 10 percent the cost of bail, a fee which the bondsman keeps. Like all bail bond companies, the team at FINELINE Bail Bonds operates with surety bonds.

The other type of bond comes into play if the judge has doubts about the defendant’s trustworthiness. A cash only bond will not allow the intervention of a bail bondsman, and instead requires that the defendant pay the full amount of bail themselves. The accepted wisdom suggests that these types of bonds are more likely to secure a flighty defendant’s appearance. At FINELINE Bail Bonds, we can answer any questions you may have about a cash bail bond in Oxnard, CA. If your attorney convinces the court to allow surety bonds, we’ll stand ready for service at (805) 486-8466.

What Is a Cash Bail Bond?

Cash Bail Bond

Many Defendants Must Sell Personal Property to Satisfy a Cash Bail Bond.

A cash bond, also know as a cash only bond, requires that defendants post the bail money, rather than a bondsman. This make it more difficult to attain release, since most people have trouble coming up with thousands of dollars in cash, at the drop of a hat. If the defendant can pay, the court sees personal financial interest as a powerful motivator to attend court.

Cash only bonds are somewhat unusual, but a judge may issue them for several reasons:

  • The defendant has failed to pay previous fines.
  • The defendant’s warrant came from another jurisdiction.
  • The defendant has failed to appear at previous trials.
  • The defendant is considered a flight risk.

Keep in mind that defendants must pay cash bonds in cash. The court does not allow credit cards, nor does it accept collateral in the form of property or anything else. Defendants with cash bond requirements often lean on friends and loved ones to come up with the necessary money, or oversee the sale of personal items.

We’re Always Ready to Help

At FINELINE Bail Bonds, we’re ready to serve our clients in any way we can. While we cannot post bail for a cash bail bond in Oxnard, CA, we can advise clients to have their attorney fight for a standard bail. If this occurs, we will gladly step in and secure immediate release. To learn more or request any of our bail services, call us today at (805) 486-8466.