Bail for Assault Charges

An assault represents a crime of violence, and is defined differently across various states. Assault charges usually involve the threat of violence, or the intentional attempt to render harm to another. A related charge, battery, covers instances in which physical harm actually took place. A common charge, assault or battery generally counts as a misdemeanor, though the circumstances of the incident can elevate the charge to a felony.

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What Are Assault Charges?

Assault Charges

A Simple Slap to the Face Could Result in a Battery Charge.

The state of California sees an assault in any attempt to harm another, or with menacing acts that threaten harm to someone else. It is important to note that this definition of assault does not require physical violence. If violence does occur, the charge becomes “battery”. Since assault and battery tend to happen together, the charges often coexist.

In California, assault and battery charges are classified as “simple” and “aggravated”. Simple assault and battery counts as a misdemeanor, while aggravated charges typically represent felonies.

Simple Assault: As the least serious example of an assault or battery charge, simple assault invokes a minor threat of violence. For example, taking a swing at someone, and missing, counts as simple assault. Words alone do not count as assault, unless combined with a reasonable degree of intent for violence.

Simple Battery: A basic punch to the jaw or slap across the face counts as simple battery. To count as battery, physical contact must occur, though the harm itself must remain minor.

Aggravated Assault and Battery: An assault or battery becomes aggravated when the offender threatens or performs significantly more harm than a simple punch or slap. The involvement of a deadly weapon will elevate any assault or battery charge to aggravated.

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