The Bail Procedure

Bail Bonds Process

The Bail Bonds Process Represents a Way to Leave Jail Until the Arrival of a Court Date.

An arrest represents a highly troubling experience. For those who experience it for the first time, a lot of uncertainty can contribute to a feeling of powerlessness. Luckily, however, established procedures exist for the rapid release of a defendant from custody. Before release can happen, however, the court¬† wants some security that the defendant will appear for his or her court date. The bail bonds process allows a bondsman, such as those at FINELINE Bail Bonds, to act as a defendant’s guarantor.

When a person gets arrested, they will remain in custody until either their court date, or the positive resolution of bail. Court dates can sometimes exist many months in the future, and bail represents an avenue for freedom until the court date arrives. When you trust FINELINE Bail Bonds for the jail release of you or a loved one, you can count on fast service. We work to quickly resolve the bail bonds process in Oxnard, CA, and can begin work as soon as you call (805) 486-8466.

What Is the Bail Bonds Process?

Bail Bonds Process

A Bail Bond Is a Promise from the Bondsman That the Defendant Will Appear in Court.

The bail bond process begins with the establishment of bail. This can sometimes happen automatically, and is based on a set of established standards at the particular jail. Usually, however, bail is set by a judge. This requires an appearance before the judge, which can only occur at a set time. If you get arrested on a Saturday, for example, you may have to wait until Monday morning for the judge to establish bail. This is an unfortunate reality, since you cannot leave the jail until the judge performs his or her duty. Once bail is established, you can attain jail release in two different ways.

The first, relatively uncommon practice is for the defendant to simply pay the full bail in cash. This secures release, and the bail money¬† acts as security that the defendant will appear in court. The second, more common manner to secure release, is through a bail bond. In this scenario, a licensed bail bondsman offers their promise that the defendant will appear. If they do not, the bondsman becomes responsible for the entire bail amount. Bondsman generally require the payment of a premium, typically 10 percent of the bail’s total amount, for their services. They will also require the signature of a guarantor, who promises to pay the full amount of bail if the defendant flees.

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