What to Expect After the Arrest

Arrest Procedure

Police Will Follow a Standard Arrest Procedure to Begin the Process of Incarceration.

One of the most troubling aspects of an arrest comes from uncertainly over what happens next. When an officer takes someone into custody, an arrest procedure begins that will end with the defendant’s incarceration and the establishment of bail. At FINELINE Bail Bonds, we are the trusted source for both jail release and any information that our clients may require. In order to understand how the bail process works, you must first know what to expect after an arrest.

Regardless of the crime, a defendant has certain rights that come into play immediately upon arrest. For example, the Fifth Amendment allows a defendant to remain silent. If you are about to be arrested, you should remember this right and exercise it. Everyone also has the right to a lawyer, and a request for one should be the only thing a defendant says. Defendants also have the right to a bail hearing. For more guidance on the arrest procedure in Oxnard, CA, make sure to call our team at (805) 486-8466.

Arrest Procedure and Booking

Arrest Procedure

A Defendant Will Remain in Custody Until They Post Bail or Have Their Court Date.

The arrest procedure begins when an officer reads your rights and places you in handcuffs. From there, you can expect transport to either a county or municipal jail facility. Once there, you will go through the booking procedure, a process that ends with your incarceration. You will be thoroughly inspected for contraband, and the jail officers will take possession of any personal items. The booking procedure itself involves several elements. You will first provide personal data, such as your name and address. The booking officer will also make note of any identifying marks, including tattoos. You can also expect to have your fingerprints taken, as well as a mugshot photograph.

Booking must occur before bail is set, and should happen relatively soon after your arrival to the jail. If it does not, your lawyer can intervene. After booking, your case is sent to the prosecutor, who will file the initial charges against you. The arraignment happens next, and is the final step that results in the establishment of your bail. At the arraignment, which should generally occur within 72 hours of the arrest, you can either post bail or hire the services of a bondsman.

What to Expect in Jail

A defendant will generally spend some amount of time in jail before the arraignment. A defendant who cannot afford bail or a bondsman will wait in jail even longer, up to their trial hearing. If you have never experienced jail, the anticipation of incarceration and uncertainty about it can cause a lot of anxiety. Those in jail waiting for arraignment will generally wait in a holding cell. If you remain in jail past your arraignment, and fail to post bail, you will likely get processed into the general population.

While in jail, a few tips can make the difference for an uneventful stay.

  • Keep to yourself. Try to avoid forming friendships or joining groups.
  • Respect the guards and your fellow prisoners.
  • Perform any assigned work with enthusiasm.
  • Take advantage of reading material to pass the time.
  • Take care of your personal hygiene.

For quick jail release through the issuance of a bond, count on the professionals at FINELINE Bail Bonds. If you want more information on the arrest procedure in Oxnard, CA, give us a call at (805) 486-8466. For those who have never been arrested, it never hurts to keep our number handy. If the day comes where you need our help, you can count on fast, professional service.