About Us


At FINELINE Bail Bonds, We Make a Strong Commitment to Our Clients.

At FINELINE Bail Bonds, we have many years of experience serving our clientele and working with local jails. As a result, we’ve developed a sterling reputation for dependability in our field. Also, as something of a rarity among bondsmen, we’ve become known for the compassion and respect we show our clients. We believe that, regardless of the charge, a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. Because of this, we’ve made it our mission to spare clients the anguish of pre-trial detention. If you or someone you know ever needs jail release across our service area, you can trust in the expertise and hard work of FINELINE Bail Bonds in Oxnard, CA.

The FINELINE Bail Bonds Mission

We believe that everyone arrested on charges of criminal behavior deserves the benefit of an unbiased bail hearing. We understand, of course, that extenuating circumstances can sometimes result in no bail, though we encourage our defendants to appeal these decisions. In all other cases, we can generally orchestrate the rapid release of our clients.

We provide bail bonds for a variety of misdemeanors and felonies, including, but not limited to:

We are able to specialize in rapid service for two reasons: we maintain 24-hour availability, along with emergency services; and our experience with local jails. Though the bail process follows a standard procedure, every jail is different. We’ve developed strong connections over the years, and know how to orchestrate jail release in the fastest manner possible. We currently serve the following facilities:

We’re Here for You

Should you ever find yourself or a loved one in need of jail release, make the smart choice. Call FINELINE Bail Bonds at (805) 486-8466, and we’ll manage the release as quickly as humanly possible. At FINELINE Bail Bonds, we work hard for our clients, and take pride in quality results.